Giant Latex Balloons Arrangements

Want to add splash of colour and individuality to your party decorations? Then why not try Giant Latex Balloons. Used in combination with Letter Foil Balloons, Latex Balloons serve to enhance the decoration of the party. They are Biodegradable, longer lasting and of Helium Quality. We have used Giant Balloons to decorate Weddings party, Sales & promotion event decorations, Product Launches & Expos, Jubilee Parties, Sporting events decorations, Birthdays, Baby Shower parties, Special days, Special occasions, Social events, and even many Corporate events.
Creative and beautiful Balloon decoration ideas.
These colorful little things, called balloons, can add splash of color in every occasion. Loved by all, especially kids, balloons are becoming a must in parties. But, does balloon decor bore you? Do you feel it is repetitive in every party and no longer turns heads? You are right. Balloon decoration can become monotonous and boring after one point of time. So much so, we even forget to notice them sometimes. Good thing, however, is if you plan to make a mark with your party decor, giant latex balloons arrangement can be a very good option. Before you wonder how these are different than the regular, Mylar or foil balloons, let us tell you what exactly these are. Made of naturally elastic material, latex rubber, these balloons are inflated by blowing air into them either through a special canister or simple through the mouth. Now, fun part is that these can be inflated to several times of their size and can be blown into various shapes. But this can be done only by a skilled balloon artists as more air can lead to a loud burst and manipulation of shape needs lots of practice. These also stand out as these have a particular sheen and gloss to them. So just imagine, next time you throw a kids’ party and get giant latex balloons decoration in the shapes of flowers for girls and animals for boys or go for a themed space station party with balloons in the shapes of space shuttles, planets, and stars, kids are never going to forget such a party and not only this, simple round latex balloons can be used to decorate casual or formal dinner or cocktail parties as these bespeak class and style. Team these with your corporate colour and logo design, you are even good to incorporate these in your next conference, as well. You can see below our some of the Giant balloon decoration - 7 Giant Balloon Setup, 4 Giant Balloon Setup, Giant Balloon with Tule.
A number of Balloon Art Sydney clients have been amazed at the results they have received after including latex balloons in portfolio of decoration items for their parties / events and functions in Sydney. We can deliver giant balloon decoration for your party in all shapes and sizes. Contact us now for beautiful and elegant Balloon decorations ideas. Making a spectacular balloon decoration for your special day or event is easy when you hire us!

Photos of Giant Latex Balloons (90cm / 3ft)

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    Beautiful chair & table covers along with centrepieces, topiary arrangements, balloon arches, columns, ceiling balloons, letter and number balloons and giant latex balloons comprehensively decorate any party venue. Enquire now in full confidence to find out how Balloon Art Sydney can make your party venues stand out. Hire us to see the difference we make to your parties. Numerous clients have already experienced our top class designs and 5 star customer service.